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Cooking Class


I teach families how to prepare simplified authentic Polish & German recipes so that they can create or continue family traditions.

Cooking together matters

Foodpoint was founded because I believe that spending time in the kitchen together is one of the best ways for families to make memories together. I grew up cooking authentic, European food with my family, and bring those recipes to you through our hands-on cooking classes.

Cooking classes

Learn to cook a variety of fun dishes, including some authentic European recipes. Classes are offered in your home, in a rented commercial kitchen, or virtually.

  • Pierogis, golombkis, barszcz, and other Polish dishes

  • Schnitzel, pretzels, rouladen, and other German specialities

  • Focaccia, holiday cookies, pastries

  • Stews, soups, pasta dishes

  • And whatever you might request!


Catering services

I create unique food experiences to make your special day even more memorable. Catering can be customized to your event's colors, theme, values, and more

  • Full charcuterie spread

  • Pretzel bar with dips

  • Seasonal focaccia

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