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Angela's background

Since childhood, Angela has had a passion for cooking and baking! Growing up in Poland and Germany, she immersed herself in the kitchen - cooking meals with family members, learning to create authentic European dishes, and perfecting her own unique recipes.


Angela’s other true joy in life is helping others. In 2002, she graduated college in Germany with a degree in occupational therapy. In the following years, she worked in the neurological, orthopedic, and pediatric fields. Majority of her time was dedicated to improving the lives of her patients, and helping them through their daily routines.


In 2010, Angela and her family moved to the United States, after her husband was offered a great career opportunity in New York. Here, Angela worked in the restaurant industry for several years, gaining valuable experience as a manager, including helping to coordinate food for large events.


After a while, Angela felt the strong desire to help others in a whole new way. Combining her years of experience in occupational therapy and the restaurant industry, with her passion for cooking and baking - her business Foodpoint was born!


Currently, Angela lives in Central New York with her husband and two wonderful children. Food always brings her own family together, and she loves creating lasting memories in the kitchen. She believes every family can benefit from preparing a meal together, gathering around the table, laughing and enjoying true quality time with one another.


Angela Voelk


Growing up with food and cooking as a central part of her family life, Angela has always been passionate about family time spent around food.


Later in life, she met many families who felt they were missing quality family time in the kitchen. They wanted to make cooking together a part of their lives, but felt intimidated by cooking or stressed by lack of time.

That's why Angela founded Foodpoint - to help families create memories in the kitchen, and help kids develop a healthy relationship with food.

Her philosophy:

It's not about what you're making as much as the fact that you're creating something together. 

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